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Understanding Corporate Tax

Expert Speaker Lau Gim Hoon

$430.00 (including GST)



This programme is part of the Professional Skills Series, designed specifically to give participants an understanding of the Singapore tax system and corporate tax concepts. In addition, participants will also learn basic tax planning considerations in compliance with the Income Tax Act and use of the common concessions / incentives to reduce their tax payable. There will also be a practical session on the preparation of corporate tax computation and completing various tax forms.

This programme will be relevant to company personnel responsible for the preparation and filing of the Income Tax Return (Form C/Form C-S) and other corporate tax matters. It is also recommended for accounts personnel who prepare tax provision for the financial statements and wish to have a better understanding of the taxation for companies.

Programme Outline

  • Overview of the Singapore taxation system
    • Tax Filing and payment obligations for Singapore companies
    • Record keeping
    • Tax Resident in Singapore
  • The Charging Section
  • Capital Vs Revenue receipts
  • Deductibility of expenses
    • General deduction rules and prohibitions
    • Pre-commencement expenses
    • Medical cost
    • Interest expense
    • Donations
    • Further deduction
    • Enhanced deduction under PIC Scheme
  • Capital Allowances
    • Conditions to qualify
    • Enhanced allowance under PIC Scheme
    • Renovation or refurbishment works done on business premises per Section 14Q
  • Losses and capital allowance
    • Carry forward / carry back of tax losses and unutilised capital allowances
    • Group tax relief
  • Withholding tax
  • Taxation of companies
    • Trading company
    • Investment company 
  • Preparation of a corporate tax computation
    • Typical format
    • Documents needed
    • Partial exemption
  • Completing various tax forms
    • Form C-S
    • Form C
  • Double taxation relief
  • Basic tax planning considerations

Expert Speaker

Lau Gim Hoon

Gim Hoon is an Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax) with the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals.

She has more than 30 years of experience in GST and Corporate Tax consultancy. She had previously spent more than 10 years with one of the big four international accounting firms and almost 20 years in large corporations and public listed company. She specialised in corporate tax compliance (including handling IRAS queries, tax audit and cross border issues) and advisory work for inbound and outbound investments. With her vast and practical experience, Gim Hoon encourages active participation from participants and ensuring effective application of the learned knowledge. 

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