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Transfer Pricing in Singapore

Somwya Varadharajan

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Transfer Pricing in Singapore aims to provide a practical, accurate and reliable presentation of the structure, features and ambit of transfer pricing accounting and tax regulations in Singapore.

It is a publication of value to CFOs, accountants, financial executives, internal auditors and tax professionals in private and public entities who have to manage the challenges of transfer pricing documentation in Singapore.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Only specialised guide to transfer pricing in Singapore – This is the only book that focuses on the impact of transfer pricing on Singapore companies and the approach of IRAS.
  • Practical orientation – It provides useful, cogent answers to key questions:
    1. Why and when is transfer pricing documentation needed?
    2. What documents need to be prepared?
    3. Review and updating of transfer pricing documentation
  • Aids compliance – It highlights complications that may arise from preparing the comparative analysis and discusses possible solutions through case examples, transfer pricing documentation process, MAP and APA application process and flow charts.
  • Business-oriented approach – The book goes beyond facts and theory to discuss transfer pricing issues from the viewpoint of an MNC or a company with cross-border transactions. Readers benefit from the author’s long consulting experience to understand profit and gain opportunities. They are guided to explore tax planning opportunities that may arise from the transfer pricing documentation process.

Topics Covered

  • What is Transfer Pricing?
  • Transfer Pricing in Singapore
  • Arm’s Length Principle
  • Application of the Arm’s Length Principle
  • Singapore’s Transfer Pricing documentation — Compliance Requirements
  • Preparing Transfer Pricing documentation
  • Transfer Pricing for Inter-Company Services
  • Transfer Pricing for Inter-Company Loans and Financing
  • Transfer Pricing Involving Intangibles
  • Permanent Establishment
  • Year-End Adjustments
  • Transfer Pricing Audits in Singapore
  • Negotiating MAPs
  • Negotiating APAs
  • UN Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Developing Countries
  • BEPS Initiative

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