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Commercial Leases & Tenancy Agreements: Understanding the Practical Obligations and Avoiding the Common Pitfalls

Expert Speaker Terence Tan

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This practical workshop is intended to give Business Executives and Professionals a practical understanding of the challenges and legal aspects of landlord and tenant obligations in the commercial setting. It will provide guidance on how to interpret and understand clauses found in tenancy agreements. Samples of commercial tenancy contracts will be provided; and with a walk-through explanation of a clause-by-clause analysis.

The Trainer will also share practical pointers on how you can resolve tenancy disputes effectively and promptly. Case-studies will be presented to aid in the understanding on how to read and interpret tenancy contracts. 

Programme Outline

  • Formation of contracts and formalities. 
  • Legal requirement to register for leases
  • Rights and Duties of landlords and tenants - quiet enjoyment, non-derogation of grants
  • Common clauses and their interpretation – e.g. diplomatic clause, payment of rent without deduction, implied warranty of fitness for purpose, repair clauses, viewing rights of landlord, etc
  • Dealing with tenants who have not paid rent - right of re-entry, order for possession, various heads of claim, double rent.
  • Option to renew - interest of landlord and tenant, valid and invalid options
  • Alternative dispute resolution for disputes - negotiation, mediation, arbitration
  • Protection against default of rent - lease formation (guarantees, credit checks, etc)
  • Arrears stage (bounced cheque response, promises to settle)
  • Tax aspects of leases - property tax, rental income and deductions, sale of leases (capital or revenue in nature)
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in tenancy contracts
  • Misrepresentation and inducement into signing tenancies
  • Tenancy Agreements – examples of the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Drafting simple tenancy agreements

Expert Speaker

Terence Tan
LLB (Hons), LLM, ACCA (Grad)‚Äč

Terence is an Advocate and Solicitor for over 20 years, and was formerly Asst Professor in the Law Faculty of NUS where he taught Insolvency Law, Company Law and Computer Law.

Terence was named in Parliament in 1995 by the then Minister of Law for his comments on a loophole in the proposed Bankruptcy Act. His comments on bankruptcy legislation were expressly discussed by the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Besides contributing articles in legal journals,Terence also regularly provides legal training and education for professional organizations, overseas universities and MNCs.

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