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Managing your Business Risks with practical legal know-how : A Legal Risk Management Programme for Non-Legal Professionals

Expert Speaker Catherine Tay

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Directors, Managers, Financial and Business Professionals must be conversant with legal issues in business.  While many think this is an area reserved for lawyers, awareness of the legal issues affecting business operations can help you conduct your businesses effectively within the law.  Another benefit is that you can identify a potential legal issue to seek legal redress early.  Avoiding those problems in the first place is usually the best (and least expensive) course of action.

Whether you are from a MNC or the entrepreneur of a startup, it is important to understand business law. It helps you build credibility with your stakeholders and protect your company from losses.  Ignorance of the law is no defence. Ignorance is not a privilege.  It is a misfortune.

This workshop is designed to equip you with a working knowledge of Business Law to manage business risk. Case-studies and case presentations will be discussed. There will be quizzes to enhance learning. You do not need to have prior legal knowledge to attend this workshop.

Programme Outline

The Singapore Legal System

  • Civil and criminal laws
  • Court system
  • Different ways to resolve civil judgments
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Med-Arb clause in contract
  • Mini-trials
  • Execution of judgment debts
  • Letter of demand
  • Writ of seizure and sale
  • Bankruptcy
  • Appointment of receiver
  • Garnishee order
  • Writ of seizure and sale

Law of Sale of Goods

  • Implied terms
  • Satisfactory quality
  • Fitness for particular purpose
  • Sale by description
  • Seller’s and buyer’s remedies for breach of contract
  • Quiz

Business Torts – Wrongful Acts

  • Negligence
    • duty of care
    • standard of care
    • causation
    • damage must not be too remote
    • egg shell skull rule
  • Employer’s liability
    • Vicarious liability
    • Occupier’s liability and dangerous premises
  • Product liability
    • Defective products
  • Inducing breach of contract
  • Contract restraining work elsewhere
  • Tort of passing off
    • goodwill & reputation
  • Quiz

Intellectual Property Fundamentals - What Businesses Should Know

  • Overview of IP rights
  • How to protect IP
  • Copyright
    • Types of Protected Rights
    • Infringement of Copyright and enforcement
    • Defences to Copyright infringement
  • Trade marks & Passing Off
    • What is a trade mark or service mark
    • Trade mark registration – compulsory?
    • Infringement and enforcement
    • Understand passing-off actions
  • Patents
    • Legal requirements for a valid Patent
    • Patent registration
    • Patent Co-operation Treaty  (PCT)
    • Revocation of patents
    • Infringements and enforcement
  • Confidential Information / Trade Secrets
    • Nature of Trade Secrets and Breach of Confidence
    • What information is covered?
    • Confidentiality clauses in contracts
    • Non-disclosure agreements

Business Succession Plan from Legal Perspectives

  • Estate planning and intended beneficiaries
  • Risk management – Wills & Intestacy Laws
  • Fully secret trusts
  • Half secret trusts
  • Quiz

Expert Speaker

Catherine Tay

Catherine Tay has 35 years of experience in lecturing business law at the NUS Business School, where she was formerly an Associate Professor. She is author of more than 20 books, including titles on Contract Law, E-Commerce Law and Arbitration. She has also contributed and published legal articles in established international journals.

Catherine studied law at Queen Mary College, University of London and graduated with a Master of Laws.  She did her pupillage under the Honourable Lady Mary Hogg in London. Catherine is an Advocate & Solicitor of The Supreme Court of Singapore and also a Barrister-at-Law (of Lincoln's Inn), United Kingdom. She is a highly sought-after Trainer, and regularly conducts in-house seminars for hospitals, banks, statutory boards, hotels, commercial firms and companies, clubs and associations.

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