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Fundamental Excel Spreadsheet Skills for the Workplace

Expert Speaker Dr Lim Thou Tin

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and effective software applications used in the workplace. This hands-on workshop is specially tailored to meet workplace requirements on the use of Excel. It is intended to help beginners acquire practical knowledge and gain hands-on experience in the key functions of Excel and apply them in the workplace to improve productivity.

What You Will Learn  

By the end of the workshop, you will : 

  • Be confident in using the basics of Excel for almost any task
  • Learn to finish more work with lesser time required and be more productive in your workplace
  • Acquire a strong foundation to embark on a more advanced Excel programme

Programme Outline   

Basics of Excel Spreadsheet

  • How to manage, organize, analyze and present data 

Fill, Auto Fill, Referencing

  • Using Fill, Autofill and Referencing functions to reduce errors and time spent on the spreadsheet

Text, Values and Formulas

  • Differentiating between Text, Values and Formulas 

Basics of Data Visualisation

  • Pie, Line, Column, Bar Charts : Use of different and multiple tools for creating charts and graphs to visualize data in whatever format and style you want

Common Functions

  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Conditional Functions
  • Vlookup
  • Hlookup
  • Index & Match


  • Finding all records matching a certain criteria at one place
  • How to use this feature to save time & reduce workload, especially for those who handle large amount of databases 

This is a 1-day intensive programme where participants will get to apply their knowledge with hands-on exercises, guided by the Trainer. Participants are required to bring along their laptops , equipped with Excel 2010 and above full installations

This workshop will be capped at a manageable class size, as it requires hands-on application and supervision by the Trainer.‚Äč

Expert Speaker

Dr. Lim Thou Tin

Dr. Lim is a business graduate from the NUS. He holds double masters in information systems and knowledge management with further postgraduate qualifications in systems analysis, intelligent systems, marketing, management consulting and training. He has a doctor of business administration from Southern Cross University with current research interests in information systems and business modelling. He is also a certified business intelligence professional with specialisation in business analytics.

Dr. Lim’s work experience includes working in large Singapore companies to MNCs in senior corporate, IT and project management positions. As a management consultant and practitioner, he has facilitated organizational initiatives / projects over a span of more than 15 years in the region, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Dr. Lim continues to be involved in senior management education at local tertiary institutions, teaching information and accounting topics at degree and postgraduate level with research and publishing interests in knowledge management and business intelligence. 

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