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Analytics for HR Professionals: A Practical Approach

Expert Speaker Awie H Foong

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Adopting analytics to improve HR decision making is the hottest topic for HR professionals today. Visionary companies like Google for example have adopted such data-driven approaches to make better people decisions to set themselves apart from their competitors. Despite the benefits HR analytics bring to companies, there are insufficient HR professionals who are able to perform this function effectively. 

This hands-on programme is part of the Corporate Practice Series, designed specifically to give HR Professionals a comprehensive conceptual overview of HR analytics. Through the use of case studies and class exercises, participants will learn about the design principles of HR metrics, understand the application of important analysis frameworks, techniques and statistical concepts, including data visualization and storytelling techniques. 

What You Will Learn

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to conduct analysis with HR data and solve business problems
  • Learn how to apply statistical concepts and make use of analysis results to improve problem solving and decision making.
  • Be more confident in using the common analytics techniques to address HR and business challenges
  • Learn how to build an interactive dashboard for better illustration and engagement with key business stakeholders
  • Be more savvy and confident in applying analytics in the workplace with the comprehensive business case study introduced

Programme Outline


  • What is HR Analytics?
    • The concept of analytics, including the general utilities of analytics
    • Why is analytics important :  the potential of analytics to empower HR professionals to inform, explain and guide decision making
  • HR Analytics Value Chain, Roadmap & Maturity
    • What does it take to progress along the maturity curve?
    • Understanding the end-to-end HR analytics value chain and the roadmap to build HR analytics capabilities and function within an organization.
    • Key components to sustainable HR analytics, including: (a) Data as the key ingredients for analytics, (b) Tools and technology for HR Analytics, (c) The people, cultural and leadership elements of HR analytics

Group Exercise and Discussion:

(1) HR Analytics Maturity Model

HR Analytics Frameworks

  • Introducing the HR Lifecycle Framework and the inter-connectedness among the different HR functions
  • Understanding the external operating environment and its impact to HR strategy and practices
  • Case Study:

(1) Connecting the HR functions along the HR lifecycle to diagnose and formulate HR Strategy (A leading brand in fast moving consumer goods sector)

HR Metrics Design – What, why and how?

  • The key principles to metrics design, including the outside-in approach to identify and prioritize HR metrics.
  • Understanding the different types and categories of HR metrics.

Case Study:

(1) The HR metric that drives company’s bottom-line (A US regional airline company)


(1) Multiple exercises to practice the understanding of HR metrics design principles (Computer-aided exercise; MS Excel is required)

Statistical Analysis Concepts for Business Users

  • Introducing the key statistical concepts to raise awareness so that the participants are able to interpret and ask the right questions, when they are presented with analysis results; and apply the analysis results to augment problem solving and decision making.

Case Study:

(1) Correlation is not causation: The story every analyst should know (General Motors)

Analytics Techniques to Connect-the-Dots

  • Introducing the common analysis techniques, including trends analysis, driver analysis, cluster analysis and how these techniques might be applied to common HR issues like turnover analysis, employee engagement, Human Capital ROI etc.

Case Study:

(1) The science and analytics behind people management (Google)


(1) Guided MS Excel data analysis exercises (Computer-aided exercise; MS Excel is required)


Visualization of HR Analytics

A picture paints a thousand words. The ability to present data and information with engaging visualization would greatly improve the effectiveness of the communication. This segment extends the discussion in the morning session about the key components of HR Analytics, and focus specifically on the visualization element. Participants will learn about some important visualization techniques in relations to the types of common HR metrics. This segment also aims to equip the participants with some essential skills to create an Interactive Dashboard with MS Excel.

Class Exercise:

(1) Build your own dashboard (Computer-aided exercise; MS Excel is required).

Participants will be given a dataset and will be guided to build an interactive dashboard using the data provided (Note: The same dataset will be used for the subsequent Business Case exercise).

Business Case (Group Exercise)

Participants will work on the business case solution in groups , and study the context of the business case and identify the issues or problems faced by the organization. You will analyse the dataset and dashboard from previous exercise to derive a number of relevant HR metrics and address the issues identified in the business case. Each group will take turn to present their analysis and findings. The exercise will be facilitated.

Part-1: Understanding case description and defining problem statement

Part-2: Calculating Human Capital Flow Metrics

Part-3: Incorporating Employee Engagement Survey data

Part-4: Addressing future business challenges and developing HR strategy

Part-5: Group presentation & role play

Participants are required to bring along their laptops, equipped with Windows OS version of MS Excel 2010 (or a later version). You should have basic knowledge of Excel including the ability to do simple mathematical calculation (sum, multiplication, division etc.)

(Note: The Dashboard building exercise requires the PivotCharts Function which is NOT available in Excel for Mac OS)

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